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How to Solve All Your Staffing Requirements...NOW!
Here's The KWIKSTAFF Solution

Quality Help..,Kwikly!

From day one, our goal has been to provide the best quality match for each client need, as rapidly as possible. We have established a large base of capable, qualified and dependable people in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, industrial, warehousing and clerical.

The KwikStaff Advantage

We are covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Canada

We provide 24 hours service for employers

We perform all payroll activities, federal tax deductions, UIC, CPP and EHT

We are responsible for all government remittances and filings

We perform complete year end activities such as issuing T4 slips  and separation documents

Employees are paid 4% as vacation pay

How We Work To Serve You Best

The cornerstone of our success is our commitment to superior service. Our professional staff is always only a call away and we're always prepared to handle additional client requests. Once the new job specifications have been identified, we survey all active temporary staff, looking for those most qualified for the position. From there, the selection is narrowed down to a single individual who best matches the specific client criteria. Most current orders for general laborers are filled within 2 hours!

You Choose The Duration - We Deliver The Results!

Whether you need a single forklift operator for a day, or a whole crew of production workers for three months, we can provide good, reliable help for any job - whenever you need it.

What You Can Expect From KwikStaff

Using our services saves you both time and money. Wise executives know the real value advantage of using temps instead of hiring full-time employees. With KwikStaff, you get the qualified labour that's needed, without investing the time and expense of advertising, interviewing and hiring. We have people available now who can step into a vacancy, quiet handily. Our temps are generally familiar with workplace hazards and safety regulations. They arrive properly equipped to do the job safely.

Supplying quality personnel is our only business. We can help when season demands or special projects require extra labour, or when vacations leave you understaffed. Whatever your staffing requirements, KwikStaff has the solution.

How We Ensure Complete Satisfaction

At KwikStaff, we recognize the importance of providing the right person for the job. Our industry is "people-oriented" and we've made it our priority to select only capable, reliable, proven performers. Working closely with our clients, helps us monitor the quality of work each temp provides. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance of any one of our temps, simply call us within 3-4 hours of the start of the assignment and you will not be billed one cent for their time... WE GUARANTEE IT!

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