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Use the following form if you are seeking employment. The more detailed information you provide us, the faster we will be able to match your skills with current openings.

Note: You will be required to provide us with your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Work Permit ID once a suitable position is found.

Personal Information
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
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Height (feet & inches)
Position Applied For

Are you willing to lift weight if required?
Are you legally entitled to work in Canada?
Do you have a car?
Do you have back problems?
Do you have safety boots/shoes?
Have you ever collected Workman's Comp. disability benefit?
If Yes, for what reasons?
What shifts are you available for? Morning  Afternoon  Midnight
How did you hear about Kwikstaff? Newspaper Friend  Other

Record of Education (specify below)

Welder Order Picker Driver Raymond Reach Forklift Shipper/Receiver
Other (please specify)
Describe any other work related skills, experience or training which may assist us in understanding your background

Work Experience
Please provide information about your last two jobs.
Last Employer Supervisor
Phone Number Job Title
Wager per Hour Employed From To
Reasons for Leaving
Duties Performed

Last Employer Supervisor
Phone Number Job Title
Wager per Hour Employed From To
Reasons for Leaving
Duties Performed

Terms and Conditions
a) It is your responsibility to call KwikStaff Inc. to enquire about available positions. This should be done each day to ensure that you secure a job quickly.

b) Whenever you are sent to a job site, you must report to the supervisor on shift when you arrive and when you are leaving. It is your responsibility to ensure that your hours worked is accurately recorded by the supervisor.

c) You will be representing KwikStaff Inc. on job assignments and you acknowledge that your relationship with KwikStaff Inc. is entered into as an elect to work agreement.

d) As an elect worker you will not be entitled to public holiday pay and termination pay. Your wages will be based on hourly rates for actual work performed.

e) You should at no time be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during assignments

You certify that the information you have submitted to Kwikstaff Inc. are true and correct and that you have accepted the terms and conditions set out above.


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